About Us & What We Do

D’Proman & Co. Pte Ltd is incorporated on 15 June 2015.

We are providing and sharing Singapore Strata Management Advice, Service and Expertise with our clients

We want to create a niche in Singapore’s market through the company slogan, “Your Strata Management Service Partner”.

Partnering our clients with professional advisory and personalized service to ensure the property is well maintained.


Bellezza @Katong, SunHaven, Beacon Heights, 19 Shelford, Woodsville 28 to name a few.

Industrial Property

A’POSH Bizhub

Our Skills, Talents &


Pride and Ownership in all the properties we managed.

We worked with manageable headcount, hire the best valued personal for the right job.

Flat organization structure to ensure timeliness of information sharing and effective and efficient decision making. Take pride and ownership in the building we managed.

Strong communication between MCST, Subsidiary Proprietor, Partners, and Staffs both onsite and supporting.

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Our Proudly Managed Sites

Hope to see your property here.

D’Promanco is here to help, send us an email and our expert will come by with a no-obligation quote on your needs.